DMW License No.: POEA-053-LB-112317-R  - License Valid from Jan 19, 2022 to Dec 04, 2025
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Greetings from the Philippines!  Ruru Global Recruitment Services Inc. (RGRSI) is a license recruitment agency, with POEA License Number, POEA-051-LB-112213-R.  RGRSI is composed of a Board of Directors, whose members are highly-competent individuals committed to carry out its objective of providing qualified Filipino individuals for deployment abroad.  We value honesty, excellence and integrity in our line of work.

         In this connection, we would like to offer our services to you by providing thoroughly-screened, highly skilled, competent and qualified Filipino workers with admirable work ethics and values such as dedication, hard work and loyalty.

             Our personnel and management team are composed of experienced people expert in the recruitment, selection, training and deployment of world-class Filipino workers overseas. 

Should you find interest to our proposal, please fill free to contact us at (632) 516-4180, (632) 409-9915 &  (632) 354-9612 or email us at for an initial talk.  Negotiation and detailed discussion on mutually beneficial terms and conditions may follow afterwards.  We would also be pleased to receive from your company a detailed list of requirements for our guidance and perusal.


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